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Breakfast Menu

8:30 to 10:00 am


 Fresh bowl of fruit



Fresh fruit with plain yogurt

Yogurt from the "Fromagerie Nouvelle France"

in the village of Racine, not too far from here...

This yogurt has a firm and silky texture

and reminds us the traditional Greek yogurts


Tonic bowl of granola

Tasty mix from “La Fourmi Bionique”

Made from healthy crops, in majority from local (85%)

and organic (70%) ingredients

Served with plain yogurt and fresh fruits



Healthy extras for your bowl of fresh fruit, yogurt or granola
Enjoy life!


helps to reinforce the immune system

Maple syrup from our forest

the high level of polyphenols in the syrup are antioxidants

Flax seeds

excellent source of Omega 3,

reduces blood pressure

Hemp seeds

helps to reduce cholesterol rate,

promotes proteins production

Chia seeds

excellent source of Omega 3 & calcium


good source of vitamins, helps for healthy bones

- 1 -


Jam tasting of ''La petite ferme de Roxton Falls''

Toasts with 3 grains organic bread

from "la Boulangerie Artisanale de Lawrenceville"

Served with 4 choices of jams* & slices of cheddar cheese

La Petite Ferme de L’Auberge is a local community that helps people with difficulties.

Theses jams are made with love !

Choices of Spreads

Strawberry - Strawberry & Rhubarb – Raspberry – Blueberry

Four Fruits - Cranberries & Orange - Pear & Lime

Apricot – Cherry – Apple & Maple Syrup


THE Bagel Breakfast

The "Famous Bagel" from Fairmont in Montréal,

egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, rocket lettuce & spicy homemade ketchup




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