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Drink list




Filter 1.50
Espresso 2.50
Latte/cappuccino 3.50
Almond or soy milk (extra 0.75$)
Japanese Typhoon 4
Herbal teas

Elixir hot water-lemon-honey

Helps to reduce cholesterol and arthritis

Good for the immune system and to reduce general fatigue

Improve the functions of the intestine and eliminate toxins


Elixir hot water-curcuma-ginger and pepper
Boost the immune system
Helps with osteoarthritis and digestion


Freshly squeeze juices

Orange - carrot -lime or lemon
Nice beet
Grapefruit – beet – apple - ginger
The green tumb
Kale – apple – celery – ginger - lemon


The tropical

Kale, banana, pineapple, mango,

almond or soy milk,

with coconut flakes

The good berries
Berries, beet, chia seeds or oats, almond or soy milk

Our juices recipes were created with love especially for us

by Anne-Marie Archambault from the website

San Pellegrino (500ml)

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